Required Permits

Overview of new construction and other permits

The CBHA Architectural Committee is responsible for review and approval of all new construction and remodeling building permits. Please note that CBHA permits are in addition to any building permits required by the county and/or state.

"No building shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot, part or portion of the property, until the construction plans and specifications and a site plan showing the location of the structure and the grading of the lot have been reviewed and approved by the CBHA Architectural Committee for conformance with the adopted rules of construction of CBHA…” – CBHA Rules & Regulations, Building & Constructions, XVI -A #3

Please read the current Rules & Regulations and By-laws for important information related to building in Carlyon Beach Homeowners Association. The Rules & Regulations will provide you with general building information, an overview of the permitting process and each type of permit. You will find this in Section XVI Building and Construction. 

Permit Type #2
Carports, garages, decks, concrete pads, retaining walls, bulkheads, septic systems, culverts, additions, new driveways and garage conversion into livable space
Permit Type #3
Fence, large parabolic dish, large antenna, project over 200 sq. ft, irrigation/sprinkler system and storm water systems that connect to or empty into CBHA bioswales
Landslide Lot Informaion

As per Thurston County restrictions for lots in a designated geologically hazardous area no clearing, grading, building, water hook ups, or septic holding tanks are permitted.  Camping, storage of vehicles, and sheds are not allowed.  Refer to Chapter 24.15 Geologic Hazard Areas of the Thurston County Code of Ordinances.

See Carlyon Beach Rules & Regulations for the Enforcement.

When is a Permit Not Needed? (excluding Landslide Lots)

No permit is needed for structures under 200 sq. ft, decks under 30” high, deck replacement with same size deck, replacement of hard surface driveway, tree removal as long as the required minimum number of trees is maintained. Please read the Rules & Regulations and check with the architecture committee to verify that no permit is needed before you begin a project.

Please read these sections of the Rules & Regulations for additional information on septic system requirements (IX. Septic Systems) and roads and stormwater requirements (X. Roads and Stormwater).